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Brisbane Soundwave 2013 – Maps, Transport & Timetables

Written by Mike Hohnen on February 22, 2013

It’s crazy to think that Soundwave 2013 is finally upon us. It feels like just the other day that we were all marvelling at the out-of-control line-up announcements, yet here we are. Brissy will be kicking off the nationwide event, and for your peace of mind, knowing that you’ll get the most out of your day, we put this together for all you fine folks *cough*bookmark*cough*.

Gates will open at 10am at the RNA Showgrounds this Saturday, leaving an hour of exploring and hobnobbing before the first performances.

Though it has been subject to change over the past few days, we have the current finalised timetable for you below. That said, in the excitement of the day, things are bound to be put out of place, so whatever plan you come up with don’t attach yourself to it too much.

The maps are also below for you, and as you can see there are enough stages to sink a ship meaning you will have to budget for travel time between sets but also give yourself some time should one of the other stages grab your attention.

If you head over to the Soundwave website, you can brush up on all the FAQs, travel details as well as dos and don’ts.

Organisers are cutting it fine with announcing the special guest appearance, that has teased us so since the timetable was released. Sydney and Adelaide’s was thought to be Puscifer as late as yesterday, but with new timetables announced today and still no Puscifer on the bill, that’s no sure thing. We’re sure to find out about Brisbane soon – no doubt it will be wicked cool.

Other than this page, which we strongly suggest you bookmark, stock up on sunscreen and some solid walking shoes and you’re going to have a pretty fucking good day.

Saturday 23rd February Brisbane – RNA Showgrounds

SW13 Brisbane A5

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