Image for Bruce Springsteen Pre-Sale Crashes Ticket Site, Scalpers Do Their Thing

Bruce Springsteen Pre-Sale Crashes Ticket Site, Scalpers Do Their Thing

Written by Sarah Bella on August 22, 2013

Tickets for some of Bruce Springsteen‘s 2014 Australian gigs are being scalped for as much as $600, after the Ticketek website yesterday buckled under the demand for the Wrecking Ball tour’s pre-sale purchases.

The Perth, Hunter Valley, Sydney and Melbourne shows went on sale for Frontier members yesterday, with high demand causing issues with the website, leading to many would-be punters missing out on their Boss tickets. The kerfuffle has led to Frontier delaying yesterday’s planned presale for the Adelaide and Brisbane shows, with a representative saying, “While we appreciate this delay may cause some inconvenience to fans we would prefer that the Ticketek website be stabilised so all users have equal opportunity to purchase for these markets.”

Springsteen fans were fuming on Frontier’s socials, even after the presale times were pushed back. All effort made to help those locked out, the promoter advising those having trouble to use the mobile version of the website which seemed to be coping better under the strain, though many still reported having issues.

Some of the tickets, which are cropping up all over auction websites, are believed to have been snapped up by scalpers in Switzerland, with the gaffe leading to more calls for the sort of anti-scalping legislation that would give promoters the power to cancel online sales of scalped tickets.

This isn’t the first stuff up with Springsteen and the E Street band’s return visit to Australia for a second installment of his current world tour, with the announcement of the shows being accidentally leaked ahead of schedule by Triple M last week.

(via TheMusic)

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