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Easybeats Singer Stevie Wright Hospitalised After Seizure

Written by Sarah Bella on July 19, 2013

Rock legend and ex-Easybeats frontman Stevie Wright was admitted to St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne last week after suffering a seizure, with the 64-year-old now under observation for liver, kidney, lung and stomach disorders.

The Leeds-born singer, also known as Little Stevie, was well enough to speak to yesterday, saying that his lengthy rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle was taking its toll on his health:

“I’m not the best. It’s probably a collection of things that have contributed to it. I’m having procedures. I had a cough, so specialists started with my lungs, then my groin was giving me trouble … They are also looking at an infection in my throat and stomach. And then there are the liver and kidney issues.”

Wright also disclosed that he has recently had two metres of intestine removed, with doctors putting him “on ice”, saying, “I thought it was it.” The man behind hits like Friday On My Mind, I’ll Make You Happy and She’s So Fine has battled alcohol and heroin addiction in the past. He has now achieved 25 years of sobriety, although admits to “mucking around” with painkillers in the past.

Wright is widely considered to be Australia’s first international pop star, fronting both the Stevie Wright Band and Stevie Wright & the Allstars after The Easybeats disbanded in 1969 and releasing the smash Evie (Parts 1, 2 & 3) in 1974. Music Feeds wishes Stevie a speedy recovery.

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