Image for Flo Rida Effigy To Be Burnt At Fat As Butter: “We’re Here To Stay”

Flo Rida Effigy To Be Burnt At Fat As Butter: “We’re Here To Stay”

Written by Greg Moskovitch on August 22, 2013

Fat As Butter organisers have released statements ensuring fans that the 2013 edition of the festival will go ahed without a glitch, that the event is “here to stay” and announcing that an effigy of rapper Flo Rida will be burnt at this year’s festival.

The news comes after the event’s promoter Mothership Music Pty Ltd went into liquidation following an unsuccessful law suit against the Florida rapper. Festival organisers released a statement on their official Facebook page, thanking fans for their recent support and announcing a new competition in honour of the rapper, saying:

In order to rid ourselves of his slimy presence we want you all to post a drawing depicting him as we all feel.

The best drawing as judged by you guys will then be turned into a life-size effigy that we’ll have a local artist create.


The winning entry will receive two VIP passes to the festival as well as the honour of lighting the effigy’s wick. In a statement, FAB organisers ensured the public that the recent developments “in no way effect the running of the festival,” explaining that Fat As Butter operates as an entirely separate Propietary Limited company and is not linked financially in any way to Mothership Music.

The statement was released after news broke that Mothership Music owes almost $200,000 to the ATO and several additional sums to other unsecured creditors, including Mothership Music director, Brent Lean.

The organisers assured fans that “it’s business as usual here at FAB HQ” and that Fat As Butter 2013 is “on track to being the biggest yet,” but made it clear that relations between the festival and the Florida rapper are far from amicable, saying “don’t forget, despite all of this, Flo Rida is still a prime dickhead, and it would take a lot more than someone like him to stop this awesome festival.”

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