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Fat As Butter Promoter Enters Voluntary Liquidation Under $200,000 Debt

Written by Mike Hohnen on August 22, 2013

What was already a bad week for Fat As Butter organisers has managed to get worse, after it was revealed that the event’s promoter, Mothership Music Pty Ltd, has officially gone into liquidation after losing their $400,000 lawsuit against 2011 festival no-show Flo Rida.

It’s been confirmed that the company owes almost $200,000 to the ATO, as well as several additional smaller sums to other unsecured creditors, including Mothership Music’s director Brent Lean.

The good news is, even though this announcement has come only a couple of months from the event date, Fat As Butter 2013 will still go ahead as planned. As reported by the Newcastle Herald, Lean said yesterday, “The festival has been successful since 2008 and will continue to grow and be a major player in the festival market for many years to come.”

Even though ASIC notices show that the decision to liquidate was made on 13th August, it’s hard to not see a direct link between the liquidation and the recent verdict by a NSW judge that saw US rapper Flo Rida walk away scot-free from a lawsuit filed by Mothership Music after the artist failed to complete his contractual duties in 2011.

Initially, the court decided in the favour of the event but, in a shock about-face earlier this week, it was deemed that the defendant was inappropriately served, after he was notified via Facebook. Mothership Music’s liquidation highlights the extent of the damage caused by the no-show.

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