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Foo Fighters Ruled Out As Third Soundwave 2014 Headliner

Written by Mike Hohnen on August 30, 2013

Anyone holding onto the few remaining strands of hope that the Foo Fighters would be announced as the third Soundwave 2014 headliner – well, this isn’t your day. AJ Maddah has put an end to said hopes, confirming that the band will not be playing Soundwave next year.

The Fooies snuck their way up to the top of the rumour mill for the second lineup announcement once word began to spread that there would be a third headliner on the next drop. Adding fuel to the fire was talk of a new full-length album from the band, the first of its kind since 2011’s Wasting Light.

Earlier this year, Maddah appeared to be entertaining the idea of inviting the band to Australia, tweeting back in February that he would be meeting with the band’s promoter to talk business. Now, though, all that has been put to bed after a succinct “nope” was offered in response to a Twitter follower’s query of whether Foo Fighters would do a “cheeky festival tour” before their new album was released.

This implies that Fooies have been ruled out for any Australian festival appearances before their next album, though how Maddah knows this is the case one can only surmise (perhaps he got the skinny in that meeting back in February?). He didn’t rule out a headline tour, though, so there’s still hope of seeing the band down here some time soon.

Considering the album release date is as yet undetermined, an Australian festival appearance could be a couple of years away yet. We’ll know for sure who the third Soundwave headliner is when the second lineup announcement comes, tentatively scheduled for early October.

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