Image for For Today Release New Track Two Weeks After Controversial Guitarist Departure

For Today Release New Track Two Weeks After Controversial Guitarist Departure

Written by Mike Hohnen on January 25, 2013

Metalcore outfit For Today have attempted to push on through the recent shit storm surrounding the band. Just a matter of weeks after their now ex-guitarist Mike Reynolds unleashed a homophobic rant on twitter, the band have released a brand-new single, announcing plans of an EP and DVD.

The band’s latest offering came as recently as 2012. Immortal was, of course, the follow-up to the hugely successful Breaker which dropped in 2010. The new EP has been dubbed Prevailer and will serve as an EP/DVD release. The first warning shot came in the form of Crown Of Thorns, which you can stream here through AP.

For Today found themselves at the wrong end of a major public fallout following Reynolds’s tweets. Backlash came from all corners of the globe and saw many a fan denounce their allegiance, and even scathing reviews from peers. The following day, Reynolds had announced he was leaving the band to attend Bible college with his wife.

The response was so severe that vocalist Mattie Montgomery posted a video giving fans his own home number should they want to discuss any issues.

Former In the Midst of Lions guitarist Sam Penner has taken up duties as axe man. Prevailer will be out later this year.

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