Metalcore Outfit For Today Announce Break-Up

US-based metalcore outfit For Today have taken to Facebook to announce that they will be packing it up for good. The band announced a run of shows under the banner of a headline tour, however no luck for any Australian fans.

Over a period of 11 years, the band toured heavily internationally – including a number of runs in Australia – and released 6 full length albums, including the most recent Wake, and 1 EP and DVD. A worthy effort for a independent group.

“When we started this band in 2005, we never imagined that our music would make it out of Sioux City, Iowa, let alone take us all around the world multiple times. Our lives have been hugely impacted by the time we’ve spent making music and touring,” write the band in their statement.

“It’s been an incredible experience, but we feel like now is the time to close this chapter of our lives and move on. There’s no behind the scenes drama happening or disagreements between band members. We’re all still best friends and will continue to be long after the band is over.”

The band hit rough seas back in 2013 when their then guitarist Mike Reynolds unleashed a hateful and useless homophobic rant. The band gave Mike the flick straight away but that didn’t seem to be enough of a punishment. A matter of days later, their tour van was broken into and gear stolen.

You can read the bands full statement below.

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