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Russia Bans Bloodhound Gang After Anti-Putin Flag-To-Crotch Stunt

Written by Tom Williams on August 4, 2013

Genre-hopping American satirists Bloodhound Gang have been banned from an upcoming Russian music festival after bassist Jared Hasselhoff stuffed a Russian flag into the front of his pants at a show in Ukraine.

During a set on 31st July in the city of Odessa, Hasselhoff was videoed talking to the audience, before saying, “Don’t tell [Russian President] Putin”, before pushing the flag in and out of his underwear and drawing cheers from the crowd. The band then travelled to the Russian town of Anapa, expecting to play at the Kubana Festival in the first week of August, but their performance has now been cancelled.

Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky has described the band as “idiots” and said they were “packing their suitcases”. Ilya Ostrovsky, Kubana’s festival organiser, told, “We’re here to make friends or listen to music. We will not allow anyone to insult the inhabitants of any country.”

Local media reported that Hasselhoff was questioned by police, later apologising for the incident and being released. Bloodhound Gang, who are known for their often tasteless, provocative and overtly sexual musical demeanour, remain in Russia but have left Anapa.

(Via BBC)

Watch: Bloodhound Gang’s Jared Hasselhoff anti-Putin stunt

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