Deez Nuts
This One’s For You

Written by Jason Strange

Deez Nuts is what hardcore punk is all about. It’s testosterone. It’s men in the front of the stage banging their head and slamming their sweaty bodies into each other. It’s rough, it’s angry and it’s drunk a lot of beer! It’s the type of music that bonds us blokes together like pub rock did in the ’70s. It’s brutally male.

JJ Peters, formerly of I Killed The Prom Queen, leads Deez Nuts’ on their second album This One’s For You. Melodic hardcore in vain of ’90s classics Sick Of It All and H2O, the eleven tracks are fast, punchy and explosive. Opening with a sampled hip hop track before unleashing the brutality in ‘Don’t Call It A Comeback’, the album continues along with the force of a Mack truck. ‘DTD’ (meaning Drunk To Death), ‘Go Veg’ (about being Vegan) and the brilliant middle finger to the world song ‘I Don’t Give A Mother Fuck’ ram home the intensity required for a good hardcore record. ‘Pigs Is Pigs’ is lyrically and musically the stand out track on the album and ‘Party Song’ lightens the mood with a great drinking song.

This album is a great example of good melodic hardcore that takes me back to the mid ’90s. It probably won’t get a spin in a years time but for now, it will get repeated plays. Deez Nuts will probably never support a huge international touring band and I am damn sure you’ll never hear them on Kyle and Jackie O in between Kei$a and Lady Gaga but you will find them playing sweaty, dirty pubs and it’s the only way to appreciate the band.

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