February 24, 2010

Manchester’s Delphic have sprung onto the indie dance scene with notable first record Acolyte.

Acolyte came to fruition in Germany’s pulsating dance music capital, but whilst it does carry that distinct Berlin-techo sound, this ain’t no trance record. With an indie pop, danceable flavour akin to Friendly Fires, Cut Copy and Miike Snow, it transcends multiple genres whilst retaining that unmistakable Euro-house flavour; conjuring images of darkened alleyways, underground rooms, neon lights, icy streets, seedy nightclubs, steamy crowds, lasers, gods, black coffee, ticking clocks and 4am city traffic…

Twisting synths, ringing guitars, harmonious vocals and virtuous background harmonies give it an otherworldly quality; evident in title track ‘Acolyte’, which blends these elements together with darting, electronic melodies and an intricate, fast-paced beat. The result is a charmingly chaotic yet somewhat soothing soundscape. I think my pupils dilated just from listening.

Influences and comparisons are abundant in this record. Delphic’s sound is evocative of great musical outfits past and present. It conveys the 90s electronic and ethereal grunge vibes of Radiohead, the rocking indie flavours of Bloc Party blended with the dance sensibilities of Friendly Fires and the seminal rave rock of New Order. Perverse electro-gaming repetition a la Crystal Castles also sneaks in. I could go on, but I’d probably just be stating the obvious. Listen for yourself and behold the wonders of extreme stylistic association.

Delphic’s Acolyte covers all bases. Dance music fans and ravers will love it and the indie kids will embrace it. It even offers something for the pop-heads in the way of ‘Doubts’ and ‘Red Lights’. The recent Triple J faves will have no trouble drawing a crowd when they hit our shores next month.


Acolyte is out now. Find it on Delphic - Acolyte