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Too Many Days

Written by Jules Bibley-Hall

This is an easy album to listen to because it is undemanding. It’s an upbeat offering absolutely dripping with the Queensland sun in which it was recorded.

My first impression was that it was a little simple and uninspired, however, as with all good Dub music the joy is in the detail and the subtlety. This would make great background music for a barbecue or party but it also stands up to a close listen.

There is a feeling on a couple of tracks that Dubdoubt haven’t quite pushed the music as a far as it deserved, the songs build but never quite reach a pinnacle. An exception to this is track 5 “Don’t Be Like That” which builds to a percussion and horn led climax.

Track 6 is a change of pace to the rest of the album and it’s a nice way to finish, it starts with a bit of a faster Ska beat to the other tracks and is the most instantly accessible of the tracks.

This is a band with a lot of skill and a lot of potential which on this album I don’t think they quite fulfilled. I’ll be very interested to hear what they’re playing in a year or two.

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