Music Feeds Faves – 15/7/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Kimchi Princi – Shift (Produced by Night Dives)

In the world of Aussie hip hop, second generation Korean girls with a fixation on internet culture is kind of a rarity. Well when I say kind of, I mean that Kimchi Princi is the only one, at least that I am aware of. Shift is the second track off her recently released EP, Just In My Room, Just On My Phone and it sounds internet AF.

Blending vaporwave synths with some featherweight trap snares, cymbals and claps, and sporting the sing-a-long chorus of “put your CD on / I’ll put my see-through tee on” this is certainly the most refreshing local hip hop I’ve heard in a while. / Micheal Carr, Staff Writer

Brutalist – Strep

Brutalist is Aussie electronic artist’s Lucianblomkamp and Aussie/London-based-Seekaes’ John Hassel’s powers combined. Strep is the firstborn track of their new creative partnership, and considering it was written with all the worlds’ oceans dividing them, this song appears to be some sort of unearthly immaculate conception. Let’s call it their baby love child.

Trembling synths warp and wane, and the bass is dark and pulsating, reminiscent of Burial. There are ethereal flickers of rich processed voices, chopped up arpeggiated synths, and scattered glitch drums. The most angelic of melodic embellishments float above it all, leaving you with a complex mish-mash of all the feels, including the deep, dark sad ones and the brimming-with-light joyous ones. Just get it in your ears; your brain chemmies will thank you for the ride. / Zana Rose, Staff Writer

L.U.V – You’ll Never Let Me Go

Although having been bouncing around the web for awhile, I only just stumbled upon this sparkling slice of indie-pop-rock from new sister-duo-act L.U.V, and to be honest I might have to hand in my badge and gun, such is my embarrassment on being so behind. Please forgive me.

You’ll Never Let Me Go is the newest track from the SE Queenslanders and it’s such a refreshingly bright and dulcet jam, which refuses to get bogged down in excessive production or superfluous elements. Who needs droning heavy synth-lines or fuzzed out lo-fi effects when the core elements of catchy guitar hooks and confident, bright vocals are so infatuating. Much LUV. P.S: You can grab the song for free from their website! / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

A. G. Cook – Superstar

PC Music head honcho A. G. Cook has released his first solo track in over a year – an emotionally charged cut called Superstar. It’s more of a slow burner than a lot of what we’ve heard out of the PC Music label over the last year, as Cook bases his melody around a triumphant piano line; providing a nice break from the super synthetic sugary pop he and his associates are known for.

Possibly the most impressive aspect of the whole track is the way that Cook seamlessly plays with the intensity of the texture and layering in the track – even transitioning in the back end into a truly emotive section that is just his own vocals and a solo piano. Oh but there’s still plenty of sugar, and the centre of the track provides plenty of 90s nostalgia that we’ve come to love PC Music for – as that supremely high pitched techno-style synth harmony builds through the middle before falling away. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

Dappled Cities – That Sound

As one of the first ever bands I ~discovered~ on Myspace (hello, I am a thousand year old man), Dappled Cities have always been a band close to my heart and may very well be the outfit I’ve seen the most times live in my life. Latest single That Sound was a hugely welcome return from the Sydney-based lads, and in light of the lack of another new single ahead of album number five dropping this October, they’ve this week released the music video for That Sound and I’m gonna write about it and you’re just gonna sit there and read it ok?

Whilst the official description of the clip supposedly “explores avant-garde concepts melded with mid-century inspired imagery”, a more concise way to introduce it would be by imagining if every filter on Instagram came to life and fought over the affections of a stunningly beautiful woman with a penchant for turtle necks. YOU’RE WELCOME DAPPLED CITIES PR PERSON! / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Dreller – A Signal That Comes

Former Papa Vs. Pretty member Thomas Rawle is kicking some serious goals overseas, signing to Terrible Records, the label that houses artists like Empress Of, Blood Orange and our very own Kirin J. Callinan. A Signal That Comes got its premiere on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe and it’s likely to be his breakthrough track.

Backed by a haunting beat he lays down a hypnotising vocal that is both melodic and intricate. With a sound that reads like a darker, funkier CHVRCHES, he offers up a climax that may be one of the more euphoric sonic turns this year. Around the 2:20 mark a synth rushes in to pull the song home to glory. While the beginning is impressive it’s the glorious finale that’s likely to keep you coming back for more.

It’s really exciting to hear something come out of this country that has some real legs to appeal to the entire world. Electro-pop in this country has never sounded so self-assured and bold. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

Kacy Hill – Lion

In one of my favourite artist origin stories from the past few years, Kacy Hill was originally apart of the performance troupe that toured around with Kanye West’s Yeezus tour. Jump to 2016 and she’s now signed to Yeezy’s own G.O.O.D Music label and is punching out the kind of unique, crunchy pop music that has elevated her across the world as well as securing a spot at next week’s Splendour in the Grass festival. Fuckin’ talk about #goals am I right?

Lion is the latest single from the US singer-songwriter and whilst the opening bars, with its almost funereal ethereality, could easily accompany an avant-garde performance of Shakespeare in the Park somewhere, the song quickly becomes something else entirely, drawing you into a dense jungle of sounds, led by the, at times angelic and other times powerful and driven voice of Kacy. Now that’s a Siren I’d happily shipwreck myself to find. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Huon Kind – Easy For You

At risk of joining the legion of whinging garbo people clogging up your FB feed with weather-related memes, I am here to tell you friends, I do not handle the cold well. I am constantly convinced I’m a few degrees away from frostbite, there’s a perpetual drip of snot hanging around my nose (heyyy boys) and I resent wearing pants. DON’T YOU HATE PANTS?

Enter Sydney duo Huon Kind whose aesthetic alone inspires enough heat to beat back the winter woes. See here and here and most definitely here.

If the skivvies didn’t do it for you, then have at these bouncing, sunny piano chords of new track Easy For You, paired with a disco-meets-r n’ b groove and melt-away vocals. So let’s just agree to suspend reality shall we, and instead picture ourselves right now on a yacht, Negroni in hand – sans pants. Huon Kind’s ‘Pine For It’ EP is out today. / Nastassia Baroni, News Editor

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