Follow The Sun
October 5, 2012

Here in Australia we love to call those New Zealand bands our own, and the Aussie-based Kiwi band Evermore are no exception. Things have been a bit quiet on the band’s front since their last album three years ago; however, now the boys are back with their latest offering Follow the Sun. With their last album giving out some big dance numbers such as the radio hit Hey Boys And Girls, the band this time round have toned it down and stripped it back a bit for this one.

The album has quite a soft opening but picks up in tempo a bit and from then on it is very consistent. Some beautiful harmonies and terrific sounding vocals carry on throughout the entire album along with some good musicianship from the band as a whole. The album has a very happy feel to it and should have most people singing along. The band has stayed true to their sound as each song is easily recognizable as an Evermore hit.

This is a great album leading into the back half of the year with sunshine as it just makes you wanna run around and sing with your friends. Each song has wonderful acoustics and an array of many other instruments throughout the album. This is all in all a pretty complete album from the band that is sure to spawn many radio hits across the FM stations.

1. Shines On Everyone
2. Follow The Sun
3. A World Without You
4. Hero
5. Run Away
6. Hey My Love
7. Pieces
8. That’s The Way
9. Sometimes It’s Easy
10. We Will Meet Again
11. We’ll Fly