Four Tet

There Is Love In You
February 8, 2010

I love Four Tet, or at least I used to, as this album has pretty much ruined his music for me. While his previous releases were subtle and intricate mixes of folk samples and instrumental hip hop, There Is Love In You sits more in the ground of minimal tech, sounding much more Sven Vath than Four Tet.

Seriously this album might be one of the most boring things I’ve heard in ages. I’m actually struggling to come up with anything else to say about it.

There’s no doubt he’s still got mad skills in terms of production and sampling, but it just seems like he’s phoned this in. The whole album has that same relentless beat that lulls you into a cone of mediocrity from which there is no escape. He even does the whole phasing delayed samples over the top that you’d expect to hear in some wanky bar in Paris where there’s a longer line for the bathroom than the bar.

I vote we put together a council of fans who listen to artist releases before they come up and cull any of them who are adding to the sonic jetsam that clogs up our airwaves and dance floors.

Bah I have nothing more to say except that Four Tet needs a good kick up the arse if he thinks this album can pass muster. Boring rubbish and don’t waste your time.