Mouthful of Gold
December 2, 2008

The question that immediately comes to mind when first listening to this EP is: ‘do androids dream of electric sheep?’ If so, then this would definitely be the sound track that accompanies that very dream.

An electronic soundboard manages to fuse itself in with a variation of genres including even the rarely heard, but largely enjoyed, Bossa Nova; all blended up into a unique sound, which the band has rightfully entitled as ‘easy listening.’

Progressively, this band has a lot of potential. You can see the ideas brewing, and I bet these guys have trouble sleeping at night with those light bulbs above their heads continuously flickering like flaming hummingbirds trapped inside a see-through paint shaker.

Sadly, a small selection of the tracks such as Corn Cob Dub / Jakob are still underdeveloped, and this is quite obvious when it comes to a sudden unproductive stop, which feels disgracefully out of place in an album that was born with an implicit flow.

The overall length of the EP falls just short of twenty minutes, the longest track lasting a total of two minutes and fifty-one seconds. Double these numbers; pronounce your words so we don’t have to scramble to the booklet to discover your poetical genius; and you will have created an album that will most surely have a place in my new book ‘How to trip a three legged dog’.

It’s definitely worth a listen and make sure to go from track one to track nine without skipping anything. Do not use this album as background noise, use it for inspiration.