Is Dave Grohl Secretly A Member Of Ghost?

Swedish church of metal, Ghost, are renowned for being cloaked in two things: fabulous black satanic robes, and secrecy.

Apart from their pious third leader, Papa Emeritus III (who is more than likely the exact same guy as I and II just with a penchant for Roman numeral facelifts), the rest of the band are simply known as the Nameless Ghouls, their faces and identities eternally shrouded in mystery.

The band apparently chooses to remain anonymous to allow their art to take centre stage, and also perhaps to utilise the benefits of interchangeable members. However, a crack may have started to form in their impervious, clandestine wall.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, one of the Nameless Ghouls was quizzed about a rumour that rock n’ roll good guy Dave Grohl had previously performed with the band, clad in full Nameless Ghoul attire.

The Ghoul responded: “Well, we can’t really know, can we? I can tell you this much: He has played Ghost material in a ghoul suit. And he might or might have not have [performed onstage], and he might or might not in the future. How’s that for a commercial cliffhanger?”

There you have it. It’s entirely possible that Dave Grohl has crossed over to the dark side, and could be covertly operating as a secret member of the unholy metal clergy that is Ghost.

He’s reportedly both drummed on and produced some of their recordings before, so who knows, maybe one thing led to another?

It often goes that way once satan gets involved.


Ghost’s third LP Meliora is due out on August 21, and is bound to be dark as the devil’s balls. Check out its debut track, Cirice, below.

Watch: Ghost – Cirice

Gallery: Ghost @ Big Day Out 2014, Melbourne / Photos: Anwar Rizk

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