Laneous & The Family Yah

Found Things
November 10, 2010

On the opening track Outside/In, Laneous & The Family Yah set out to explain their sound, “we ain’t no funk band, we ain’t no reggae band, we ain’t no rock band”, which basically helps none whatsoever! The best way to describe Laneous’ sound is a combination of smooth jazz, 70s funk, psychedelic pop and driven guitar rock. Think Mr. Bungle on Ritalin or Regurgitator on an acid trip. It’s a conglomerate of sounds cleverly crafted to create eccentric music for people left of centre.

Themes of animals (lead single I Am Dog) and sex linger throughout this album (Got Dream, Ode To The Code). The styles and genres not only change from track to track but also quite often change within the song a few times. Deserve is a smooth funk/jazz fusion, Variation of a Theme From Dear Face has an orchestral, movie soundtrack feel, while Bad Son starts off with a ska feel before diving into a 70s soul tune.

This album is definitely for people with short attention spans that need something new to keep them engaged. And this album certainly is engaging. There is something that exudes ultra cool about Laneous & The Family Yah. Their second album is an aural assault on the ears, but it’s a pleasurable experience.