Laneous & The Family Yah

Scissors EP
March 14, 2011

Apparently this is the first of a three EP collection. The second being titled Rock and the third….you guessed it Paper. This EP comes within twelve months of the release of their second album Round Things. The creative juices must certainly flowing for this Brisbane ensemble.

The opening track Haunting (Me) carries the same flavour as the album. That eclectic mix of beat driven funk and indie pop. Damn!?! is a slow and sexy number with it’s influence from the soul and black jazz of the 70’s. Activism has a spacey, out of this world feel before settling into a groovy loungecore number. The guitar work melodically matches the harmonies and is a great chill out song. Keys begins with a jazz piano ballad before launching into a funk driven song about having the keys to your car. The EP ends with Oh She, another chill out song that reminds of Faith No More circa Album Of The Year. Hypnotically slow.

The one thing this band does well, is mix it up. A hip hop backbeat and then a flood of influences over the top that creates some of the most unique music you’ll hear. If there was ever a time to jump on a bandwagon, now would be it with Laneous & The Family Yah.