I Feel Cream
May 30, 2009

It pains me to say it, but Peaches is losing her touch. I Feel Cream, aside from the title, lacks Peaches’ brutality and in your face wit and has replaced with tongue in cheek finger pointing and some truly annoying minimal tech production.

Don’t get me wrong this album is still very danceable (if your white), lot’s of fun (if your on Prozac). But the problem is that there are so many other artists out there doing this sort of thing so much better than Peaches is. What I loved about Peaches and what she’s lost is how fucking out there crazy she was.

Admittedly I have never been the biggest fan of her albums, I couldn’t even name any of them other than Fatherfucker, but I have seen her live more than a few times and the shift in her image has been very obvious there more so than in the recordings. That is until now.

This is a woman who threw up on the crowd at Big Day Out. A woman who named an album Fatherfucker. A woman who sold vaginal wigs as tour merch.  And when a woman like that makes an album like this, in complete honesty, I die a little inside.

Women in the music industry are so controlled and manufactured that when one of the crazy ones with a scrape of originality goes over to the other side it’s really quite sad. It’s sort of like the school outcast getting embraced by the jocks and trading in their piercings and tattoos for a crew cut and a v-neck sweater.

Tracks like More and Serpentine are so boring I’m amazed the engineer managed to stay awake through the recording. Billionaire isn’t that bad, but only if like me you really enjoy hearing hot sounding chicks rap in angry voices.

Talk To Me and Lose You are probably to two standout tracks on the album, but even they are pretty rubbish. It’s just all so boring. The only sort of party I can see this album going down well at would be a K and G party, and even then I could think of a million better things to wack in the Jukebox.

It was produced by Simian Mobile Disco, a fact that is glaringly obvious from the first few seconds you hear the album. And it does sound great in production terms, just not much else. You can’t blame Peaches though, it’s just a time thing I mean, look at Madonna.  Like Madonna Peaches built her career on being risqué and in your face, but as with Madonna, doing that tends to leave you outdated, dry and bitter about 5 years later.

If you’re too trendy for words, you’ll probably love this album as it’s blending of minimal tech, electro pop and Gary Numan is proving to be very popular nowadays (just look at that stupid cow Ladyhawke), but if you’re a fan of good music do yourself a favour and go and get the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album instead.