Review: Thelma Plum

Monsters EP
July 8, 2014

Thelma Plum has been hurt, there’s no denying that from the lyrics of her new EP Monsters, but she’s stuck it to whoever’s responsible for her heartbreak by making some beautiful music.

The title and lead track Monsters is quiet and dark. The slow beat, along with the lyrics, “Monsters, and monsters they fuck with my head,” bring forth an element of despair that is repeated throughout the entire EP.

On Young in Love the instrumentation is minimal, with Plum’s vocals acting as the main attraction. Again, the lyrics keep within the EP’s dark themes. As she sings “We were once in love and I was once yours, we were once young … in love,” Plum’s words are filled with regret and sadness.

The catchy and upbeat How Much Does Your Love Cost?, acts perfectly as our point of contrast amidst all the EP’s dark elements. The energetic bass line and vocal harmonies, with some maracas thrown in for good measure, make this the stand-out track.

We then come full circle with Candle which sees a return to a slower tempo. The strings, keys and mournful, bitter lyrics are so atmospheric and vivid that they conjure an immediate image of a singular candle burning in a dark room.

They say the best form of revenge is success, and with Monsters a heartbroken Thelma Plum has achieved the ultimate payback.

Thelma Plum has announced an east-coast tour in celebration of the release of ‘Monsters’, which is available now.

Listen: Thelma Plum – How Much Does Your Love Cost?