4 Lackey St: Artist-run space needs your help

Don’t panic! Wait, we take that back … panic! The home of some of Sydney’s best DIY arts/culture events is under threat. The crew at the St Peters warehouse, 4 Lackey St, have had their development application rejected by Marrickville Council because of one or two cranky neighbours.

Pippa Smith, who runs the writers’ performance evening Penguin Plays Rough says: “If you are a fan of: the Holy Soul, Belles Will Ring, Model Citizen, the Imperial Panda Festival, the Now Now, the Splinter Orchestra, Embedded, or Penguin Plays Rough, this space, or one of the three of us, have helped make your fandom possible. It could be a quick email, a fancy looking thing on important looking letter head – or whatever else it is, you can do in the time that you have.”

Sydney creative freaks are being increasingly pressed for space to make their contribution to this city’s cultural life. Supporters of Sydney’s tireless, underground and unpaid arts community members can weigh in on the issue by posting letters of support for 4 Lackey St’s development proposal to:

PO Box 3065

Marrickville Metro

NSW 2204

or email them to:

[email protected]

Invite your friends to the Facebook page, too.

(Pic of Penguin Plays Rough by Lucy Parkhina)

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