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Music Feeds’ Anti-Xmas Guide – Part I

Silly season? Are you joking? It’s the completely stupid season. Yes, it’s the end of the year, and yes, we’re all busting for a break. But for those of us who could live without incessant supermarket Christmas jingles, a full roast lunch on a forty degree day, shameless appeals to consumerism and enforced family time, […]


New FBi Radio Brekky Host: Sally Knight

Alex Pye. It’s a wrap. The woman deserves a big high five. For the last three years, the artist, dj and radio presenter has woken up the city every morning on FBi Radio’s breakfast show, Up For It. But that era is over. And the 94.5FM crew has just announced who’ll be filling Alex Pye’s […]


Listen: Dan Zilber – Five 2011 Aus Releases You Need to Know About

It’s December, and time to cast our ears back through an aural journey on the year that was 2011. So we spoke to one guy who knows his Sydney music, Dan Zilber, FBi Radio’s music director, about his choicest cuts of Australian releases this year. If you were left with a strangely empty stomach following […]


MF’s Hot Tips! FBi SMAC Nominees

In the interests of thorough reporting, Music Feeds is delivering this important announcement from the back room of Youeni Provides cafe in Paddington. Sipping my smooth yet strong soy cappuccino, with the soft crash of Jack White’s guitar and harmonica drifting through from the front bar, I can indeed verify this cafe has rightly earned […]

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