Arrested Development Illegally Downloaded Over 175,000 Times In 2 Days

Arrested Development fans were foaming from the mouth for the latest season of the comedy series created by Mitchell Hurwitz. Season 3 wrapped in early 2006 and it wasn’t until this Sunday, 26th May that season 4 was released in its entirety and exclusively on Netflix.

As you’d expect the 7-year wait had viewers anticipation at a fever pitch but not every Arrested Development devotee has access to Netflix. As such over 175,000 file sharers downloaded episodes from the new season within the first 2 days of its release.

Surprisingly the countries with the highest number of pirates are mostly those with access to Netflix. The US comes in at number one, accounting for 18% of illegal Arrested Development season 4 downloads. Canada took out third place with 11.8% and the UK fourth with 5.9%.

Who was numero two we hear you ask? That’d be us! Australians are Arrested Development obsessed and the only country without access to Netflix to make the top 5. When the sample of the geographical locations of pirates is reduced to cities, we Aussies take out #1 thanks to Melbourne, #3 with a big effort from Perth, and #5 due to Sydney pirates.

Although exceeding 175,000 illegal downloads in 2 days is mighty impressive, Arrested Development pales in comparison to Game of Thrones, which saw 1 million file sharers download the newest season premiere in 1 day. It’s unclear how many of those pirates were located in Westros.

(via TorrentFreak)

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