‘Arrested Development’ Releases First Official Trailer For Season 4

The first trailer for Arrested Development season 4 has been released online, serving as a reintroduction to the Bluth family and offering hints of high jinks without revealing any of the precious plotlines that are so crucial to the show.

Season 4 is comprised of 15 new episodes featuring the original cast, but don’t expect to see the entire cast sharing scenes together too often. As reported by Indie Wire, even though various narratives within the show will still overlap, each episode will focus mostly on one character.

As Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth) revealed, the instances in which the full Arrested Development cast comes together are rare and special moments in season 4:

“There are only two scenes in the entire 15 episodes where we’re all together.

“But the first time we all sat down in that penthouse, which was recreated to the nails in the wall, we were so excited we hardly had the chance to calm down. Once we heard the voices and saw the faces that looked the same, except for the kids, who are now adults, that’s when I knew we were really back. Incredible. It was surreal.”

Previously Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) encouraged viewers to consider season 4 as a series of stand-alone episodes each serving their own purpose. Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz described season 4 as the ‘first act’ leading into a feature film.

All 15 episodes of Arrested Development season 4 will be released exclusively on Netflix on Sunday, 26th May. Music Feeds has put together a few things to help Australian audiences legally join in on the fun as well – xlick here to find the money in the banana stand.

Check out the new trailer below, as well as a series of promo posters that highlight the iconography of the show.

Watch: Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer

(via Indie Wire)

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