Australian Ric Richardson Wins Legal Dispute with Microsoft

Byron Bay programmer Ric Richardson has won a mulit-million dollar settlement from computer giants Microsoft.

In a report by, Richardson was suing Microsoft for the unlawful use of an anti-piracy patent he created for computer security company Uniloc.

After a lengthy legal back and forth, which began in 2009, Richardson and Microsoft settled out of court for a sum that was estimated at over $300 million.

Posting on his blog Mr Richardson stated that,

“The biggest thing at this moment is the satisfaction of having stayed the course in support of the team at Uniloc.”

“Simply, the Uniloc team were the guys that reached settlement with Microsoft. Their ability to represent the shareholders and me as the inventor was established over many years of trusted negotiation and work.”

“For the moment, all I want to enjoy is the satisfaction of sharing with the team in the benefits of having been tenacious and patient.”

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