Black and Blue: David Withers and Lachlan Anthony

Make Yourself at Home is a piquant show…

of installation, sculpture and photography that interrogates artefacts which fill domestic and urban fields of contemporary experience. Reconfiguring the scale,

location and state; of furniture, clothing and products, affects an uncanny climate in which the

audience is asked to re-think the significance and potentiality of previously understood objects. Whilst humorous at first encounter, upon closer engagement these surreal reconfigurations intimate a more malevolent undertow.

A sumptuous curiosity for the banal pervades a series of frenetic installations by Withers that draw from the dross of the cluttered urban landscape. Trashcans spontaneously jar to life with convulsive shudder and the benign tissue box revolts to assume the threatening scuttle of a mechanised rodent. Here the sinister undertow manifests as active menace.

In contrast, Anthony’s enigmatic work is marked by the presence of a more latent threat, bound to the

indulgence of the viewers powers of imagination and bodily projection. A macabre musing of sleep as a daily rehearsal of death precedes a parallel translation of the familiar mattress as a vessel of earthly departure. Mattresses are cut to fit dining tables, wheelbarrows and shelving, each composite suggesting a different functional step in a harrowing metaphysical procedure.

Black & Blue is an artist run initiative that launched in November 2007. Providing artists with a new network for collaborating and connecting with other artists and audiences locally and abroad.

In addition to the exhibition space Black & Blue offers studio space within the premises for artist

residencies and other creative tenancies.

Black & Blue Gallery

302/267-271 Cleveland St.

Redfern NSW 2016

T +61 2 9699 6038

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