Black Rabbit: Art, Dumplings & Wine

Thank the Lord for dumplings. And for rich, philanthropic art patrons. Without Kerr and Judith Neilson’s throwaway millions, the four storey warehouse in Chippendale known as White Rabbit would probably house another “creative” (read: advertising) agency flooded with ageing hipsters with slightly-too-groomed goatees.

On Thursday nights this month White Rabbit – which exhibits a mind-blowing and consistently engaging collection of contemporary Chinese artists – becomes Black Rabbit, where you can stop in late for art, dumplings, tea, wine, beer and tunes.

There’s a free gallery tour at 6.30pm, and live music from Billy Burke.

Tonight is the last night for those who shudder at the thought of a world without art and dumplings to get an after-work dose of each.

White Rabbit’s latest show includes some spectacular sculpture, photography, painting and video works by artists such as dissident Ai Weiwei, all around the theme of “Beyond the Frame”. The works “transcend frames and frameworks of every kind: window and picture frames, national borders, the confines of tradition, conventions about tools and techniques, the line between photography and animation—even the distinction between visual art and comedy.”

China’s art industry has exploded in recent decades due to the country’s political transformation and the concurrent rise of a new layer of cashed-up middle and upper classes who can afford to buy new works. The impact has been the creation of an entirely new movement of art that both builds upon and critiques the country’s traditions of socialist realist art, spirituality, industrialisation and relationships with nature. If you haven’t been to White Rabbit yet, now is the night to grab a friend, tuck into some dumplings at the teahouse downstairs, and be inspired.

Black Rabbit Thursdays

6-8pm, Thursday November 25

30 Balfour Street, Chippendale

Free, no bookings required 

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