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TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst

Thursday 6th August 2009

Nestled in the cosy confines of Darlinghurst’s Tap Gallery is the Caught Short Film Festival. This non-competitive film festival allows filmmakers to present short films that may have already had a successful run at various film festivals to be screened out of competition for a local audience. It is also a platform for those whose films didn’t make it on the festival circuit and gives them the chance to present their films and experience all the thrills of screening in front of a live audience. Filmmakers also get to partake in a Q&A session with the audience and discuss the genesis of their projects as well as insights into the making of their own mini masterpieces. But Caught Short is not just another screening night, it is also an event that provides networking opportunities with other artists, filmmakers, actors and festival organisers.

This evenings films have a comedic theme and first up is “Good Cop, Bad Cop” by Brett Nichols. This pastiche of 70’s cop shows is a hilarious tale of a detective who will stop at nothing to bring his conjoined twin brother to justice! With fantastic New York accents and ingenious costume and wardrobe this has the potential to be an ongoing TV or web series. “Warning: It May Contain Subtitles” from Jansa Krsmanovi is a beautifully shot tale of a first blind date that doesn’t go quite according to plan. This contains an emotional and believable depth of performances that delights the audience. “ My Bay” is the story of an internet trader that takes to an alternative means of selling and buying when his internet dies. Although the concept is strong, the pay off at the end doesn’t quite deliver. “The Truth About Uncle Ron” by Boris Burgess is a story that begs to be developed into a feature film. There are so many ideas here that the lead up to the denouement which has comedy gold written all over it. After seeing this short you might want to question what your real uncle is up to when he is not being your favourite family member!

The Highlight of the evening is “The Other Woman” directed by Emma Leonard and written by her sister Phoebe Leonard. It’s slick script with numerous locations, cast and VFX fit incredibly into it’s taught 12 minute running time, giving it the feel of what most short films strive for, that of a mini-movie. It’s the story of an actress who decides that she has had enough of being typecast and is a thoroughly engaging comedy and one can only hope that this has a long life on the local and international film festival scene.

Caught Short takes place on the first Thursday of every month and “ spooky” submissions are currently being accepted for their Halloween themed screening on 1st October as well as entries for their Documentary and Music Video programmes. Next month’s screening on 3rd September celebrates their 5th Birthday with a retrospective of films screened over the years as well as free drink and live music.

Caught Short Film Festival takes place on the first Thursday of each month at TAP Gallery is located 1/278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst.

For more information on the festival and how to submit a film visit:

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