Deans: Art, Music and Nacho’s

A longstanding Kings Cross institution, Deans is the sort of place your hippie uncle would live in if he was cooler and hadn’t lost all his money on an ostrich farming venture and his Laoatian mail-order bride.

Decked out in mismatched colours, retro couches and bizarre features such as a pewter tea set and holographic wall hangings, it’s one of the few pockets of untouched Kings Cross kitsch.

There’s a surfboard on the ceiling, a longhaired Adonis behind the bar, late night nachos on half the tables and an eclectic jukebox in the corner. Drinks are served until late in the morning and having originally been a haven for smokers it has a delightful courtyard in which to suck down that sweet sweet tar.

However not only are they a café but an art gallery as well. While your munching on a toastie you can peruse the art. Any money you happen to spend goes straight to the artist as Deans exhibit the art for free and take no commission. They even have an open mic night every Tuesday, which usually presents and interesting selection of Sydney musos.

The food is affordable and fantastic, and the thickshakes are so good you might just get diabetes. If you’re ever feeling like a calm place to get a drink amidst a frenzied night in the cross, Deans is the place.

For a good time,

ask for Knibble.

1/5 Kellet St, Kings Cross (02) 9368 0953 Mon-Thur 7pm-3am; Fri-Sun 7pm-6am

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