Someone Remade That Ad About Sydney’s “Cool” Nightlife, And It’s Perfect

The New South Wales Government has copped a lot of flack over a recent advertisement it released about Sydney’s “cool” nightlife, and now a new (and more accurate) version of the ad has appeared online.

Facebook user Dylan Behan has shared his remake of the controversial Government ad, telling his followers, “Guys! I fixed that government video about Sydney’s ‘awesome’ late night nightlife options.”

Speaking to Music Feeds, Behan says, “The original clip was ripe for parody, I thought. I live in Kings Cross and go out in Newtown, and have been sad to see the late night dining and good options all but disappear.. I figured it’d be fun to poke fun at the absurdity of the original video.”

Behan’s video, which you can check out below, begins in a similar style to the NSW Government’s official ad, but things change pretty quickly as the sound of crickets fill the air and footage of a deserted Kings Cross hits us right in the feels.

Watch Behan’s “fixed” ad for Sydney’s nightlife below, and the original Government version right here.

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