Disney’s ‘Hercules’ Is Up Next For A Live Action Remake

In the famous words of Hercules’ Mel, “No man is worth the aggravation”, except perhaps whichever actor they deem fit enough to play Hercules in the remake of the Disney favourite.

Jokes aside, Hercules is Disney’s next live-action remake, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And apparently, Avengers filmmakers Anthony and Joe Russo will be producing it, while The Expendables’ David Callaham is set to write.

We don’t yet know whether it’ll be a ‘true’ remake, mirroring the original we all know and love. Or, if it’ll be loosely based on the 1997 version and more of a recreation, like Mulan’s live-action counterpart.

There are no confirmed actors for the movie yet. But, Twitter is going off with users sharing their casting choices.

For now, enjoy absolute Disney banger, ‘I Won’t Say I’m In Love’.

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