Live-Action Remake Of ‘Mulan’ Is Bypassing Cinemas And Going Straight To Disney+

As cinemas around the country just start to reopen and film production around the world continues to be on effective pause, Disney is making the call and sending the live-action remake of Mulan straight to their streaming service, Disney+.

The film, directed by Niki Caro, was set to premiere in cinemas back in March, but its release has been postponed several times for obvious reasons.

So, instead of a theatrical release – which has been delayed indefinitely – the film will be available on Disney+ from Friday, 4th September.

However, it will not be available as part of the large list of films and programmes accessible to those who merely subscribe to the service. Nope, because a company that was last year estimated to be worth $130 billion USD simply doesn’t have enough money, they’ll be charging those who want to watch the film $29.99 USD – around $42 AUD – to do so.

Yes, that’s on top of the $8.99 subscription fee. That’s $51 AUD to watch a film.

To be clear, that $42 AUD gets you unlimited viewings of the film as long as you have an active subscription to the service.

People around the world are expressing their disdain for the move by Disney, as you can see in tweets below.

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