Donald Glover Goes Full Troll, Tweets Fake Script To His Canned ‘Deadpool’ Series

Donald Glover has responded to news that his animated Deadpool series has been cut by tweeting a bunch of fake scripts, and it’s something you have to see.

Glover and his brother Stephen were set to write, produce and work as showrunners on the series for FX. However, on Sunday, Marvel, FX and the Glovers said they’d mutually decided to abandon the project.

A theory behind this was that Glover — who might just be the busiest person in Hollywood — was indeed too busy to work on the show, between his role in Solo: A Star Wars Story, his part in the Lion King remake alongside Beyoncé, his work on Atlanta and, of course, his work as Childish Gambino.

However, Glover hopped on to Twitter overnight to say in a since-deleted tweet that he “wasn’t too busy to work on ‘Deadpool,” and handled it the best way he knows how — comedy. He tweeted a fake script titled “FINALE”, and it references a ton of recent news stories, like the last male white South African rhinoceros dying and the eternal question of, ‘Who bit Beyoncé in the face?’

On top of that, Glover also seems to get pretty real when he may or may not imply that the show copped the can because of racism.

“Do you think they cancelled the show… cause of racism?” Deadpool wonders in the script. “All the writers were black. And the references were pretty black too… Maybe we were alienating our white audience?”

You can read the entire script in all its glory in the gallery below.

Donald Glover’s Fake ‘Deadpool Script’

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