Human Centipede 2

Is this the ultimate unnecessary sequel? Transformers 2 (and 3) were bad, but they may come second to this.

The Human Centipede, a Dutch horror film written and directed by Tom Six, was described by many as gratuitous, unethical, exploitative, and just straight up gross. Needless to say, it has attained cult status since its release in 2009.

For those who want seconds, the sequel is premiering this weekend at the Mu-Meson Archives in Annandale. The films’ lead actor Laurence R. Harvey will be present and hopefully willing to answer the question, “WHY, GOOD LORD, WHY?”

This is what Mu-Meson have to say for themselves:

“Tom Six, the demented genius behind this ghastly franchise famously promised that The Human Centipede 2 would make The Human Centipede look like My Little Pony – he has delivered!

“When the British censors refused to classify the film in June, it was on the grounds that no amount of cuts could fix the absolute wrongness within – well here it is, every last, morally reprehensible frame!

“Bold, innovative, subversive and brilliant, The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) is a horror experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life – 100% Guaranteed!

“Martin, a mentally disturbed loner (Laurence R. Harvey), works as a night watchman in an underground car park. Here he spends his evenings obsessing over a DVD of the The Human Centipede (First Sequence), when the obsession becomes mania, he sets about creating his own version of the infamous centipede – but three victims is not enough, Martin wants twelve! And so the nightmare begins!”

Friday 18th November late night preview screening
Doors open 10pm for 10.30 start
Tickets: $15 concession/$20 (limited to 60 seats)

Saturday 19th November
Official Sydney premier screening with discussion panel and Q&A with film critics including lead actor Laurence R. Harvey

Coffin Ed – Freelance writer, involved in the Sydney music scene for the past thirty years and was also co-founder of the Mandolin Cinema during the 1980s. He currently writes for Drum and City Hub and was a FBi Radio presenter with the Naked City program.

Jack Sergeant – Underground culture and film historian and author of Deathtripping: The Cinema of Transgression, Naked Lens: Beat Cinema, Suture, Cinema Contra Cinema. Film festival programmer. Sometimes art curator.

Dean Bertram (PhD) – freelance writer, filmmaker, and film festival director based in Sydney, Australia. He is the co-founder of A Night of Horror International Film Festival

Richard Kuipers – film critic for the international trade paper Variety. He also contributes movie reviews and commentary on ABC Radio National and the webzine Urban Cinefile. Richard has produced and directed several documentaries including Stone Forever (1999), a look at one of Australia’s most famous cult films. He produced the national television program The Movie Show on SBS Television from 1992-2000.

Jay Katz – moderator.

Saturday 19th November – Session 2
Late night preview screening
Doors open 10pm for 10.30pm start
Tickets: $15 concession/$20
Tickets available at door for preview screenings

Premier screening tickets can be purchased beforehand during other screenings @ Mu-Meson Archives please check website for other screening times.

Mu-Meson Archives
Corner Parramatta Rd & Trafalgar St Annandale at the end of King Furniture building up the steel staircase. Phone 9517-2010

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