Flight Of The Conchords Movie – More Details Confirmed

Kiwi Comedian Rhys Darby has confirmed that the Flight of the Conchords cast is ready to make a movie, after hints were dropped in an interview by one of the main duo, Bret McKenzie a few weeks ago.

Darby, who plays the agent in both series of the hit TV show, spoke to New Zealand’s George FM station saying: “I can say in all faith that we have connected, recently we’ve talked, and the boys do want to make one, so it’s just a matter of finding time and I think next year pen will hit paper.”

Since the show ended, Darby has been doing various comedy events, was linked to The Office (US) as a possible replacement for Steve Carell’s character, and appeared in a role on the short lived CBS sitcom How to be a Gentleman,

McKinzie has since been working with various films, including an appearance in the upcoming The Hobbit movie, while Jemaine Clement, the other half of Flight Of The Conchords pair, has been working on movies Despicable Me, Dinner For Schmucks, Rio, and Men In Black III.

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