Formula One Has Trademarked The ‘Shoey’, Because Of Course It Has

The owners of the Formula One have trademarked the ‘shoey’ and we have an Australian to thank for that, obviously.

Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo has become known for celebrating his wins on the podium with a ‘shoey’ so now the F1 has swooped it and claimed it for its own.

As The Independent report, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Formula One Licensing was granted the trademark for the word ‘shoey’ last year and it came into effect earlier this year.

The registration covers things like flasks, bottles, mugs, figurines and more. The good side of this whole thing is, you’re probably going to cop some ‘shoey’ merch if you’re ok with F1 branding.

They also attempted to apply for the trademark in the clothing category but they were blocked by Korinne Harrington, a relative of The Mad Hueys who coined the phrase.

Dean and Shaun Harrington have been slamming ‘shoeys’ since 2002, kickstarting an Aussie tradition that has now extended to musicians touring Australia.

Everyone from Stormzy to Post Malone has attempted a ‘shoey’ while on-stage in the country as the gag only seems to grow in popularity.

Don’t worry though, this trademark doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do ‘shoeys’ outside of the F1. It just means you won’t be seeing any ‘shoey’ branded Dune Rats flasks anytime soon.

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