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The ‘Utey’ Is Coming For The Shoey & RIP Our Livers

Bored Aussies stuck in iso have taken the shoey to its logical conclusion and thusly birthed ‘the utey’; a maniacal new way to down a Froth Whitlam that’s infinitely bigger, filthier and more bogan than its unholy footwear-based cousin.

Yes friends, the utey is exactly what it sounds like. See Exhibit A (below): thirsty larrikin duo Adrian Alaberg and — uh — “Captain Australia” chugging multiple cans of (naturally) VB that have been poured into a bucket and then down a ute tray and (some of it at least) ending up their mouth holes.

Picture a conveyor-belt of carbonated carnage, a Ford-manufactured fountain of froth, or just, you know, a really rusty beer bong.

Anyway, the video has had almost 33K views already so it’s surely only a matter of time before this becomes a thing.

Watch it below and please avoid trying it at home (if not to save your livers then for the sheer amount of collatoral beer wastage).

Our one solace here is that it’s highly unlikely we’ll hear the masses start to chant “utey!” at every single live gig we attend (once live gigs ramp back up again of course) due to the thankfully limited ubiquity of utility vehicles on stage.

@adrianalabergTake the ##aussiebeerchallenge fkn dare ya

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