Environmental issues are a great concern at the moment however we feel it’s losing impact. Our way of generating awareness is  …a bit different.

This year online t-shirt start-up wants to change people’s Christmas purchasing habits by launching their “” campaign “Against a throw-away Christmas”.

“Every Christmas we generate millions of tonnes of landfill and carbon dioxide emissions through poor purchasing decisions. Not only is this unnecessary but it’s offensive to treat our environment so carelessly.”Says Daniel Clark, co-founder of and

“Purchase good quality gifts that are designed to last many years. Don’t use plastic plates and cutlery.Avoid overly packaged gifts and kris kringle gift giving. There are so many easy ways to reduce the useless waste generated by Christmas. View the top 10 at”

Last Christmas Australians spent almost $1 billion on unwanted Christmas gifts, in the UK it was £2.3 million (and 3 million tonnes of waste). In the US, 50 million Christmas trees are bought each year and 30 million end up in landfill.

Fuck that. are producing their first campaign based t-shirt to help generate awareness to the waste created by irresponsible Christmas shopping habits. The website offers 10 simple solutions to reduce waste this Christmas and also allows people to purchase the campaign t-shirt for AUD$19.95. For every order, will also plant a tree to offset the emissions from the campaign and benefit the area in many other ways.


For the top 10 ways to reduce waste this Christmas and hi-res images visit

For more information on SqueakyTee visit

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