Irony: Police Officer Caught Growing Pot

It seems writing music isn’t the only profession that requires mind altering drugs. A Police Officer who was caught out by his neighbour growing pot may face jail time, the Daily Mail reports.

29-year-old PC David Price was based at Westminster Police Station in the UK, but now he faces losing his job and possible jail time after he was caught with enough equipment to grow around 18 marijuana plants.

His house was raided after his nosey neighbour filmed him hanging out freshly picked buds to dry; apparently he even filmed him talking about smoking pot. (Maybe he should have shared some around the neighbourhood – this neighbour seems a little on edge as well.)

Price initially denied his involvement in the production of cannabis, but when the evidence was presented in front of him he decided to plead guilty.

The Nimbin MardiGrass Facebook admin found the story quite funny, commenting “To me, this is a classic case of fucknuckleness”. While our web developer here at Music Feeds said “It’s a stressful job, let him have a smoke.”

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