iTunes Accounts Hacked

A recent post by Dailymail has reported that hackers have raided iTunes; breaking into user accounts and using customer’s gift cards and store credit.

Apparently customer forums have been lit up with hundreds of users claiming their store credit has been unknowingly spent and Paypal accounts accessed without their permission.

As Sony customer’s will attest to, having their PlayStation accounts hacked last year, a security threat of this magnitude poses a serious problem for the approximately 200 million customers that currently utilize the wildly popular online music store.

Reported instances of credit theft have been refunded by Apple but customers say the company is denying that a bigger problem exists. One such customer, Fiona McKinlay, found her £25 ($40) gift card to be all but depleted even through she had made no purchases. Apple reset her account and refunded her store credit but also reportedly claimed this was ‘a one-time exception to our sales policy’.

“They were very helpful (but) failed to acknowledge there may be any sort of problem with their system,” Ms McKinlay said.

Worried customer’s say it’s incorrect of Apple to suggest each hack is an isolated incident, with some claiming that personal details have been altered after hackers accessed their iTunes accounts.

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