Karl Stefanovic Isn’t Happy About ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Coming Out On Anzac Day

This morning, Today host Karl Stefanovic let the world know that he’s not too impressed with Event Cinemas moving the release date of Avengers: Infinity War up to Anzac Day on Wednesday, 25th April.

On the Today show this morning, Stefanovic said that “There might be some legitimate reason why the Avengers is opening on Anzac Day, but I haven’t seen it.”

“Event Cinemas bringing the release a day early smacks, to me, of a grubby cash grab. Well, grab your cash somewhere else – exploit another day.”

He then asked, “How on earth are our kids supposed to breathe in the significance of Anzac Day?”

“Pretty hard to do with a $25 popcorn and choc top I thought.”

This seems like a bizarre event for Stefanovic to target, with some Twitter users pointing out that lots of Australians partake in activities on Anzac Day — like the pub or the footy — that don’t directly involve the type of remembrance you’d see at a dawn service, for example.

While others have gently reminded Stefanovic that it’s possible to go to the dawn service or other services throughout the day and pay your respects to those who sacrificed themselves for our country as well as being able to go to the movies at a different time on that day.

Watch Karl’s rant, alongside the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War (which, in case it isn’t painfully clear already, will be released on Wednesday, 25th April) below.

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