Kim Dotcom New File-sharing Service ‘Mega’ Launching Tomorrow

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom plans on celebrating the 1-year anniversary of his arrest in absolute style – by launching a site even bigger than the one that got him arrested in the first place.

The file-sharing visionary will be launching his new file-sharing service Mega tomorrow, following what’s looking like being a massive launch party. Dotcom posted a picture of himself standing in front of a medium to large size stage as other gear is set up around it. Mega lays claim to services such as “easy privacy”, “online Mega manager”, a “live global cloud file system”, and “multi-centric data warehousing” as per the Mega site.

According to Pitchfork, Dotcom has also revealed that the new service will give free users 50 gig of storage. Megaupload users who were left high and dry by the collapse of the company will also be looked after – there will potentially be access to your old files, and talks were in place with his legal team to provide premium Megaupload users with premium accounts on Mega.

Speaking to The Guardian, Dotcom explained that the site has even more unlocked potential, “[W]hen people see what the site is capable of, when they understand the technology, they read the reviews, and people like it, they’re going to try it, and hopefully over time feel comfortable using it for their personal data.” He continues, “The good thing here is that you can now be sure when you upload your files into the cloud that only you hold the keys – not the service provider, not anyone else outside the service provider, only you personally hold the keys. And what you do with that is your responsibility.”

Details of the launch party will surely be leaked, and with the hashtag #ThinkBigGoBigger, it’s surly going to be big, well…bigger.

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