Live Music Could Return To Aussie TV Screens Thanks To Your M8, Rove

Aussie musicians could once again have a permanent platform on prime-time tele, if a new variety show hosted by Rove McManus is given the green light.

A pilot for the new series, dubbed Bring Back… Saturday Night, is set to air tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Ten, with musical cameos from mainstream popper Delta Goodrem and Brisbane singer Conrad Sewell, who’ll both perform in front of Rove’s live studio audience, and the nation.

It’s screening as part of the network’s new ‘pilot week’ trial, with Ten’s head honchos to pour over the ratings and viewer responses before deciding whether or not to give the show the thumbs up for a full season.

But if all goes well, we could see Rove’s new tele show return as a regular weekly event in 2019, which would give local live music talent a regular home on our free-to-air screens once more.

The show would also mark Rove’s big return to the small screen following the retirement of his popular Rove [Live] / Rove talk show back in 2009.

Speaking with News Corp, the beloved Aussie funnyman says he wants to combine the mayhem of his former show and other old Aussie favourites with segments from popular US talk shows.

“It’s [Rove, Hey, Hey It’s Saturday and The D-Generation] wrapped up into one,” he explains. “We’ve been working on the tone, coming up with segment ideas, booking talent – working out what the show will be. Obviously because we’re on a Saturday night so the idea is to utilise the fact that it’s the most fractured night of the week.

“We’ll be crossing live to events happening around the country but also making sure we’ve got a very exciting live studio program for people to enjoy as well. At this point it’s about putting all the pieces of the puzzle together but you don’t get to sit back and look at it until the red light starts flashing,” he continues.

“I’m of a generation where The D-Generation was a show that we would watch before we went out, or if you were out at a friend’s party we would stop to watch the show. I do think Saturday night has a legacy, probably more than people realise, and it would be exciting if we could rekindle the embers.”

You can show your support by tuning in to the show tonight, and saying hi to your mum for Rove while you’re at it.

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