You Beauty! Russell Coight Is Coming Back To The Tele With New ‘All Aussie Adventures’

Get ready to say G’Day to your old m8 Russell Coight again, because the true blue Aussie bushcraftsman is coming back to our teles for a third crack of the whip, thanks to the fine blokes and sheilas over at Channel Ten.

That’s right – the short-shorts wearing, tinnie-smashing Chuck Norris of the outback will be returning to our screens with a brand new season of All-Aussie Adventures.

Too bloody right cob. Rusty will be jumping back in the ute to introduce a new generation of Coighters to life in the perilous ‘Strayan wild, with its endless plains that stretch as far as the eye can see (and with binoculars, even further), places that get more rain in 12 months than some places get in a year, not to mention the shitloads of native flora and fauna (and if we’re lucky we might see some plants and animals too!).

Coight said of the news: “I’m very excited to be back. This new series will have a strong focus on camp cooking (we were thinking of calling it MasterCoight) with a different marsupial mystery box each week”.

The bogan Bear Grylls who drinks his piss from a can hasn’t graced Aussie screens since 2004’s telemovie, but after a petition to get Coight back on the tele racked up thousands of signatures, Network Ten‘s chief content officer Beverley McGarvey reckons it’s officially time to hit the road… again.

“That show hasn’t been on for 15 years and there’s a real gap in the market in terms of commercial television for early evening comedy,” she told Mumbrella last year.

“The thing about Russell Coight is it really is timeless, it is classic Aussie comedy and it is very physical comedy.

“…To be able to tap into Glenn Robbins’ talent, and bring that to a whole new audience is something that really appeals to us.”

Oath. I mean, c’mon, you wouldn’t see Indiana Jones busting alpha moves like these now, would ya?

While they haven’t worded us up with an air date yet, we’ve been promised season 3 of All Aussie Adventures will be coming to TEN and tenplay “soon”.

Until then, relive some of Coight’s choicest moments below.

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