Macaulay Culkin Is Making A Docuseries About Being In His 40s

In August of 2020, Macaulay Culkin tweeted, “Hey guys, wanna feel old? I’m 40. You’re welcome.” From that slightly confronting revelation comes the basis of Culkin‘s forthcoming travel show, Macaulay Culkin’s Midlife Crisis.

The docuseries, produced by Lightbox, will see the former child star travelling the globe and, as Deadline reports, trying to find answers for questions like: How should we embrace getting older in a society obsessed by youth? What is midlife success and how do we measure it? How do we ensure unbridled passion doesn’t become a relic of our youth?

“Wow, Lightbox. Thanks for reminding me I’m in my 40s,” Culkin joked in a statement announcing the series. “Well, rather than make a big deal about it I figure we should just make a show about it. Makes sense.”

“Mack remains as iconic and as loved as ever — a social media sensation, internet entrepreneur and hard-working member of his pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band,”Lightbox added in their own statement.

“Despite his legendary status, like the rest of us he’s having to confront what it means to be a normal middle-aged guy, with a wife and a new kid who’s soon going to be the same age he was when he became a massive global superstar. We are thrilled to be working through our mid-life crises with him on this exciting project.”

In recent years, Culkin has had sporadic onscreen appearances, with a role in Seth Green’s 2019 film Changeland and, more recently, starring in last year’s American Horror Story: Double Feature. The actor also led the Velvet Underground parody band The Pizza Underground from 2013, confirming the band’s breakup in 2018.

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