MasterChef’s Matt Preston Taste Tests Some Triple J Unearthed Tunas, Froths A ‘Pub Feed’

MasterChef’s fave cravat-wearing judge, Matt Preston took to Triple J Unearthed’s Aussie music restaurant to taste what’s cooking and offer up some juicy reviews …and use the term “AF”.

Kicking off with ‘strayan anthem ‘Pub Feed’ from Sunny Coast boys, Chats… Matt Preston reckons this tune is, “Perfectly seasoned, meaty, chunky, like a great plate of chips with loaded tomato ketchup and soy sauce.”

For the second course, Preston received ‘Muffins’ by Master Chefs and used an uncomfortable amount of buzzwords in his evaluation, “That is sweet AF, frothin’ over that, that’s mint, chocolate chip mint, future recipe writing right there, it’s fantastic… wonderful muffin.

“… Why wasn’t that a hit?”

The reviews had almost become too kind for a food critic until this savage hit on ‘Donna Hay’ by Cookbook Book Club. “Wow, share house food. Wow, takeaway left in the back of the fridge — which isn’t working too good — it’s as hairy as that.”

To finish off his Unearthed meal he had a listen of ‘Aunty Tracey’s Cookies’ by Joyride.

“I don’t think these are the cookies I’ve ordered… But if they were there’s no doubt this would be a lovely chocolate cookie and inside a little surprise that puts a big smile on your face, maybe melted chocolate… or something else.”

He finishes up the segment by saying that, while he loves the restaurant, he’s only coming back for the ‘Pub Feed’.

So, there you have it Matt Preston loves The Chats now. Watch the Preston’s reviews down below.

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