New Internet Comedy Site ‘Red Humpy TV’ Launched

Deciding that what the world really needs in these times of trouble and death, of revolution and instability, of economic and environmental chaos and strife, is a good laugh, Red Humpy TV have launched their new enterprise, an online channel for comedy. The idea behind the site is to get people to make submissions to the website either in the form of a short film or even text that the site will then bring to life, with the best submission from each week compiled into one of their weekly episodes.

The submissions are broken up in a panel section featuring the likes of Carlos the gay Chihuahua, Jock a Scottish Blue Ringed Octopus and Kevin, a very daft bald sheep from New Zealand. As well as these three characters there are regular appearances made by Redus Humpus the Fly.

Also worth mentioning is the way the site have decided to treat advertising. Boasting that the site will feature some of the best ads to be found in the modern advertising world, their advertising will still be subject to user approval, users able to vote off bad ads with the site then asking the companies to either deliver a better one or asking users to submit a better idea for the ad, the site then bringing it to life.

You can find out more at

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