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Star Casino Fined $5,000 For COVID-19 Restrictions Breach, Internet Wonders How They’ll Ever Recover

The Star Casino has copped a $5,000 fine for allegedly breaching social distancing restrictions put in place to help curb the coronavirus pandemic, according to Liquor & Gaming NSW.

“There is a risk of COVID transmission if people are mingling while under the effect of alcohol,” Liquor & Gaming acting director of compliance Dimitri Argeres said in a press statement.

“The fine follows a third inspection on the weekend where we witnessed further breaches of the COVID-19 Safety Plan.

“We want to send a strong message that businesses must manage these risks to ensure individual patrons and the community are protected.”

In case you missed it, a man who visited the casino on Saturday, 4th July has recently tested positive for coronavirus, among fears of a second wave in NSW following the Crossroads Hotel cluster in Casula.

The venue controversially hasn’t closed for a deep clean, as reps for the venue say it is deep cleaned every day.

For some sense of comparison, a group of people in Melbourne were fined $26,000 for having a gathering of 16 people following the announcement that the city would be going back into lockdown.

Naturally, people on the Internet have begun to roast the casino and the Berejiklian government for the relatively minuscule fine – pocket change, if you will.

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