NSW Venues Cop More Restrictions As COVID-19 Ruins Christmas

Trust 2020 to land one final dick punch, just days before it slithers back into the fiery hell pit it crawled out of.

As the latest COVID-19 cluster on Sydney’s Northern Beaches triggers other states to once again tighten their border restrictions against those in Greater Sydney — effectively trashing family reunion travel plans, shattering hearts across the nation and Grinching Christmas big time — the NSW government is also slapping a bunch more restrictions back into place from midnight tonight.

Among them, say goodbye to dancefloors. The exception being weddings where up to 20 people can still have a boogie.

While all indoor venues in the Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Blue Mountains areas will once again be subject to their old friend, the one person per four square metre rule, with a max capacity of 300 people.

Singing and chanting are also banned, with the exception of places of worship… where up to five people can raise their voices to the heavens (hopefully praying for that precious vaccine to get over the line STAT)

All these restrictions will stay in place until further notice.

Merry COVID Christmas everyone.

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